sabato 16 aprile 2016

A Functional Discourse Grammar for English: 
a brief introduction based on Evelien Keizer’s book.

Università di Udine, Palazzo Antonini
33100 Udine, via Petracco 8
Centro Internazionale del Plurilinguismo
sala riunioni - meeting room
Friday May 13th, 2016 from 10 to 18.

In this seminar Paolo Driussi, Fellow Researcher in Linguistica ugrofinnica at the University of Udine, will offer a survey of Functional Discourse Grammar (Hengeveld-MacKenzie 2008) through an analysis of English, based on Evelien Keizer’s recent book (2015)
This introduction will offer an overall presentation of the theory applied to English.
The seminar is conceived for specialists who want to know something about the theory or discuss some aspects of it. Some knowledge about linguistics is required. Collegues, Doctoral students, MA students are welcome, but anybody can attend.
Please feel free to write to for any question.

Some informations about the theory can be retrieved at the following link:
where you can also find the news about the next FDG conference, to be held in Vienna in September 2016, and about the postgraduate course that will precede it.

It would be highly appreciated if those who want to attend can signal their intention to the following address:

Hengeveld, Kees, MacKenzie Lachlan (2008) Functional Discourse Grammar. A typologically-based theory of language structure. Oxford, Oxford University.

Keizer, Evelien (2015) A functional Discourse Grammar for English. Oxford, Oxford University.

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